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A Moment with Giulia Mangoni

Captured by Bethany Burgoyne Giulia Mangoni is an artist who lives and works in Italy. Situated in a small town outside of Rome, we see her preparing and practicing her skills whilst studying for a Masters in Fine Art. Creativity is something which this young woman both cherishes and exudes. Her lifestyle is a daily … Continue reading A Moment with Giulia Mangoni

A Night of Sassy Storytelling

Special Thanks to the women involved with this project xx Accompaniment by David Burgoyne and HoneyB Memories of your first kiss? That time you ventured to “thirdbase”? When your bestfriend helped shave your moustache? Sassy Stories revolves around retelling those pivotal moments in life that tend to stay hidden beneath clouds of socially awkward shame. To encourage … Continue reading A Night of Sassy Storytelling

A Sassy Society

  “It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” Eugene Ionesco   Drawing and writing act as a way of digesting both her own and others behaviour. Bethany Burgoyne delves into her subconsious to create her latest collection of work.       In this series of hand drawn illustrations, ‘A Sassy Society’, we … Continue reading A Sassy Society

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