The Goody Two Shoes

I have the deep-rooted fear, instilled from a strict childhood, of being told off. The moment I recognise the severe, questioning tone, my heart will triple its speed and panic sets in through a flush of heat making my skin feel like it’s coming out in cold sweats. I have recently reacquainted myself with breaking the rules and rebelling, consequently I am also experiencing moments of panic and the need for more deodrant. However, like any rebel will know, the adrenalin rush of doing something “bad” is like a drug that fuels excitement and vivacity, and it feels good! My recent escapades have involved me going out into my local area (meaning I… Read More

The First Sassy Story

Biting my nails is a bad habit of mine which I fall into when I’m anxious, feeling uncomfortable or thinking really hard, like now! Pressure of the first Sassy post.  (Finger’s firmly back on keyboard, not in-between teeth) This is not my only bad habit, another that I recognise in myself, aswell as others around me, is the habit of stifling a conversation. To live through experiences, good and bad, and not share with others these stories.  Let me cut to the chase so I can introduce you to Sassy. Because to know Sassy I’d like you to… Read More