The New Year’s Resolution

The end of the year tends to encourage conversations on the speed of time passing, reflecting on all that’s been achieved, the shit that we’ve survived and the ability to drink consecutively for an impressive number of days. The words “New Year’s Resolution” have been spilling out of mouths and buzzing between ears. A top plan for January seems to be kick starting a more active and balanced life style. (After a brief flirtation with the idea of Parkour, I’ve settled on Street Dance classes!)


Three months into existence, Sassy’s resolution has been decided by the many who have supported the project by reading, talking, liking and writing. A resolution to continue the encouragement of sharing stories; to celebrate lives that are lived, words that are written, work that is made and voices that are heard.


It was a moving moment reading Laila Gaber explain Sassy as “a small glimmer of hope [to] share the deepest experiences without feeling judged or ashamed”. The uniqueness of being women is enough to make every conversation as important as the next. Sharing the weight of a worry, the fear of the unknown or the pressure of the expected is what Sassy sets out to do. And it’s exactly what our first Sassy Sisters did.


Sam, Ali, Giulia, ARK, Hannah, Bella and Laila all bravely jumped into the seat of this learner’s car, accompanying me as we drove off not knowing the rules of the road. It is thanks to each of these women that the journey continued, growing surer of its direction, whilst creating a map of narratives that pinpoint common feelings and female concerns.


These women have started conversations about sexuality, anxiety, abortion, female identity and self-expression, to name a few. Finding comfort in the relatability of their stories highlights the benefit of discussion. Far too often we sit on a bad feeling, trapped by a disability of vocalising ourselves.


On a quest for change, Sassy will continue to celebrate and support the multitude of ways in which women show strength and insight during challenges and achievements. If you’re searching for your New Year’s Resolution, try this one on for size; be proud to share, be proud of being you. And if it fits, then Sassy is here for you to share.


A Very Merry Christmas to all you Sassy characters!

See you in 2018



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