Mentioning Menstruation

After spending the last two months talking with women about their Menstrual Cycle, I am happy to present a collection of stories that have been shared as well as clips from the Sassy Event 'Mentioning Menstruation'. 'Mentioning Menstruation' brought 18 women together to partake in an open conversation. After an introduction by myself (including a … Continue reading Mentioning Menstruation

Homage to my Sisters

Homage to my Sisters made in response to women sharing their stories about deciding to terminate a pregnancy. Women involved with the project ranged from 18 to 40 years old. Each story shed light on the complexity of the decision and the emotional challenges faced, often silently and alone.  

Laila Gaber

Meet Laila. Italian/Palestinian, living in London and changing the world one step at a time. Laila's understanding of being a women, alongside her cultural identity, is one of celebration. It is with sincerity that Laila expresses her views on "women as the most fascinating creatures of the world." Encouraging women to share their experiences without … Continue reading Laila Gaber