Homage to my Sisters

Homage to my Sisters made in response to women sharing their stories about deciding to terminate a pregnancy.

Women involved with the project ranged from 18 to 40 years old. Each story shed light on the complexity of the decision and the emotional challenges faced, often silently and alone.

Me and My Sister
“I recognised the responsibility my sister felt being pregnant. I couldn’t relate.” Digital Drawing, 2017

Family Bucket
“The memory that sticks in my mind was driving half an hour to satisfy my craving for fried chicken. I rarely think about the time I was pregnant.” Digital Drawing, 2017

The Arrival Present
“Arriving in England with no friends, little support and finding out I was pregnant was my welcome present from England.” Digital Drawing, 2017

Juggling Balloons
“The coil predicts 1% chance of becoming pregnant. Continual tiredness confirmed that 1% possibility.” Digital Drawing, 2017

Handle with Care
A silent story. Honoured and protected. Digital Drawing, 2017

Bloated Lady of the Night
“I was hungry, bloated and nauseous continually. I just wanted this thing out of me.” Digital Drawing, 2017


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