Ixta Belfrage

Meet Ixta Belfrage, a master of food, working as a recipe developer. Ixta has been of huge support to this project both in person and at previous Sassy Events.

Let’s talk PMS

With a history of working for women’s health in Auckland, New Zealand, Marjorie discusses her involvement in running a special clinic for premenstrual syndrome (PMS), working to find ways to help each individual woman’s needs.   Can you explain what Premenstrual syndrome is? Premenstrual syndrome refers to the symptoms you get in the luteal phase (the last part) of the cycle, before the period comes. The experiences of women is hugely varied as are the symptoms. With that in mind, the clinic was set up and run by a multi-disciplinary team; a doctor, a nurse and a psychologist to help those women who struggled. How did the clinic run? The initial appointment would involve asking the women to talk about their history; when they started their periods, what their periods were like, any changes over time and… Read More

About My Period by Giulia Mangoni

   I first remember getting my period, aged 14, as I approached the front steps of my parent’s house, feeling this liquid slipping out in the weirdest manner. After astonishing yet thrilling confirmation in the bathroom, I lined my underwear with toilet paper and contemplated the brownish blood that I had found there. Finally, menstruation had arrived. I remember feeling ‘ready’, and ‘able’, but for what, I wasn’t exactly sure.     I started to notice that during these times almost anything made me cry. Very quickly, I was doubled up in pain at school in the nurse’s bed or unable to leave the house on a sunny weekend. I… Read More

Hannah Barclay

Meet Hannah Barclay, a women whose openness and honesty inspires conversations. A poet and artist (and hoolahoop enthusiast!), Hannah discusses how writing has become a tool for understanding herself through expression. Supportive of open discussions, Hannah celebrates the experiences and emotions of being a woman.   Hannah also spends time working with children with Severe learning difficulties, both rejoicing in play and the importance for communication. Read Hannah Barclay: on the power of poetry  

Artist Odilia Suanzes’s works on paper celebrate the beauty of a Menstrual Cycle

  I’ve always had problems with my periods. I‘ve had them too often. My cycle would be last for 20 days, sometimes less, between 15 –18 days. Losing a lot of blood would make me more tired.  I found having a period annoying, disgusting, making me reject the experience.     But then I questioned the idea of using the blood in my art to change my perspective about my menstrual cycle. To embrace this part of being female by creating something. Normally we will relate all the emotional ups and downs felt during the month as something negative, but we can approach it more… Read More

Odilia Suanzes

Meet Odi Suanzes. A Spanish artist based in London, Odi talked to me about the cycle of life and how she is on a quest to understand the most simplistic, rudimentary ways of living and making art. A feminine energy and elegance exudes from this lady. After studying Painting at City and Guilds London School of Art, Odi has spent time in parts of Africa and Europe, creating work which reflects on and celebrates the idea of creation and nature. Read how Artist Odilia Suanzes’s works on paper celebrate the beauty of a… Read More