I’m Bethany Burgoyne and this is Sassy Stories.

In the beginning was a 25 year old woman who fell pregnant and chose to have an abortion. She felt the pressure to hide her experience like a dirty, guilty secret; staying silent and feeling alone. One by one, through private conversations, friends confessed their own experiences of terminating a pregnancy with honesty and understanding, offering support, comfort and help in the process. It was thanks to these conversations that she slowly became more confident in talking about her experience. She made pieces of artwork recognising each individuals experience.

That woman was me and this is how Sassy Stories was born. 

It has since broadened in scope, addressing other ‘taboo’ topics of conversation. Sassy Stories is a space in which I document my encounters with females, responding to their experinces by creating art. I find inspiration from ‘the world’ of women, collecting honest and empowering stories regarding the feminine; aiming to encourage communication about subjects we’ve too often kept hidden. 

If you wish to know more please get in touch via the contact page.



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