Nancy Mkaabal

Nancy Mkaabal is an Arab Palestinian, brought up and living in Haifa. As a Peace Activist, Nancy uses her music and art to promote the ideas of change. She  has been involved in projects such as the Palestinian Music Expo,  Musalaha, a non profit organisation that promotes and facilitates reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians, and a Youth Program called Tachles. From Enemy to Friend is a reflection of life growing up as a Palestinian in Israel and the change that Nancy wants to encourage. Read her story From Enemy to Friend See and hear more of Nancy’s… Read More

Helena Crabtree

Meet Helena. A women who, as a practicing yoga teacher, focuses on what feels good, from the inside out. With a background in both dance and art, her understanding of the body as well as her ethos for daily life is about celebrating and nourishing the individual. Helena has talked about what she stands for within her life and her yoga practice, sharing her experiences that have led to this way of thinking today. You can read Helena’s story here

Steph Reed

Meet Steph. An Autism Specialist teacher, running a blog and providing training in specialist and mainstream settings on understanding autism. Steph also splits her time by focusing on her music production and DJ around the world. Steph has been an active participant in the Sassy Events as well contributing with her own story. Read Steph Reed asks the question: “What am I happy about”.

Ixta Belfrage

Meet Ixta Belfrage, a master of food, working as a recipe developer, who feeds us not only with her culinary creations but also with her honest stories. Ixta has discussed her ideas both in person and at Sassy Events, sharing her personal experiences relating to contraception. Read Ixta’s story ‘Since my experience with the Nuvaring, I’m now petrified of how contraception will affect me’

Hannah Barclay

Meet Hannah Barclay, a women whose openness and honesty inspires conversations. A poet and artist (and hoolahoop enthusiast!), Hannah discusses how writing has become a tool for understanding herself through expression. Supportive of open discussions, Hannah celebrates the experiences and emotions of being a woman.   Hannah also spends time working with children with Severe learning difficulties, both rejoicing in play and the importance for communication. Read Hannah Barclay: on the power of poetry  

Odilia Suanzes

Meet Odi Suanzes. A Spanish artist based in London, Odi talked to me about the cycle of life and how she is on a quest to understand the most simplistic, rudimentary ways of living and making art. A feminine energy and elegance exudes from this lady. After studying Painting at City and Guilds London School of Art, Odi has spent time in parts of Africa and Europe, creating work which reflects on and celebrates the idea of creation and nature. Read how Artist Odilia Suanzes’s works on paper celebrate the beauty of a… Read More

Giulia Mangoni

Meet Giulia Mangoni, a woman whose words both inspire and rationalise. Giulia has shared her stories with me, helping to unravel the complexities of a female identity, focusing on her own experiences that spill out into her multi-disciplinary way of working. Having studied Painting at City and Guilds of London Art School, she is now living and working in Italy, whilst also doing a low-residency MfA in Art Practice at the School of Visual Arts, New York. Read About My Period by Giulia Mangoni Giulia Mangoni in discussion with Bethany Burgoyne

Laila Gaber

Meet Laila. Italian/Palestinian, living in London and changing the world one step at a time. Laila’s understanding of being a women, alongside her cultural identity, is one of celebration. It is with sincerity that Laila expresses her views on “women as the most fascinating creatures of the world.” Encouraging women to share their experiences without feeling judged or ashamed. Laila has completed her MA at Central Saint Martins with a focus on the powerful and positive effect of community art. Aiming to run projects that  readdress children involved with knife crime. Read… Read More


Meet ARK, a singer songwriter who’s musical creations touch on the fragility of emotions and the struggles of day to day life. ARK has discussed the catharsis of songwriting, the celebration of female artists and understanding oneself. Reflected in ARK’s lyrics are the mixed emotions one can feel as a woman, sharing with us her own vulnerabilities as well as strengths. Read ARK’s interview  – ARK debuts with a secure sense of self

Ali Mann

Meet Ali Mann, a women whose conversations have shone a light on body exploration, questioning the taboo of sex and how to get to grips with ones own sexuality. Ali bravely confronts these personal subjects through her artwork, encouraging others to question and discuss our relationships with ourselves. Having studied Painting at City and Guilds London School of Art, Ali is now completing her Masters in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy. Read Bodily Exploration by Ali Mann